XXOO…Homeless socks…and everywhere in-between…

Odd Socks or Homeless socks…

Hello! Grab your beverage of choice and pull up a comfy seat… I HATE matching socks when doing laundry. Maybe HATE is a strong word…dislike? detest? nope I Hate Matching socks. In fact there is always a bushel of socks in the corner somewhere. NO this won’t be the only conversation I have in here, I promise.

So lets get the party started…I am a wife of 24.5 years, a retail wife (at holiday season, approaching fast…I call it retail widow), a mom of 2 children with special, non-related, special needs, I’m previous foster mom (I miss it), I’m a driver, a personal assistant, a scheduler, a planner, an advocate, a cook, a housekeeper (loosely), a feeder, a diaper changer on a non-infant child, colostomy emptier, g/j tube feeding mom, medicine dispenser, formula maker (again non-infant), chasing mom, I’m a laundri-ess (making up words now), folder of the laundry and a non-sock matching type person. Down to earth planted in Northeast Ohio with my hubby, son, daughter and 1 miniature schnauzer and 2 labradoodle puppies.

I have hopes, dreams, lots of words and well LOTS of stories! I mean lots of stories. almost feels like there could possible be a story everyday. I’ll be honest & frank with you about what’s happened, what’s going on and well I hope to entertain you. Make you appreciate your life. Probably a train wreck, hopefully, you’ll tune in to read, respond and be here.

xxoo Tammie

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